We document, pack, track and securely store everything

Experienced Professionals

We document and track every precious piece

When disaster strikes and your life is turned upside down, the experienced professionals from Teasdale Fenton will help you restore order and protect your possessions. Professional packout services are a key part of the remediation process, protecting and treating your furnishings and belongings in the wake of a fire, flood or other disaster.

Once the estimate is approved, we will mobilize a pack out crew as quickly as possible to carefully pack out all the contents necessary for the restoration of the property to begin.  During the packout, everything is fully documented. Once the packing is complete, a team of movers will load up all your boxes and furniture for transport to our secure state-of-the-art-facility for cleaning and storage.

Our Process

Initial Packout

We fully document, inventory, and carefully pack all of your items for transport to our contents cleaning facility.

Content Cleaning

All cleanable items are carefully cleaned and deodorized by skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art contents cleaning facility.


After your items are cleaned, they are re-packed and placed into climate-controlled storage until your property is ready.


We transport your items back to your property and unpack everything for you. We'll put everything back exactly where it was before.

We Can Help

Teasdale Fenton will help you get your property, as well as your life, back in order. Contact us today for a free estimate or schedule an appointment now.